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Born September 12, 1954 in Klockrike, Sweden. Grew up in Märsta just
north of Stockholm. Been living in Uppsala for 35 years and since 10 years back now living in Gävle.

Studied at Lund University and Stockholm University, graduated in law at
Uppsala University. Worked for the past 30 years in various managerial
positions within universities as well as in municipal and private operations.

The interest in culture has been around since my childhood. My father
was an initiated collector of mainly fine clocks and exclusive glassware.

He considered painting difficult, therefore paintings were never a collecting item. Through my father I was surrounded by history and beautiful things.

The urge to express myself with my hands has been a reality since the early childhood. However, I considered myself not able to draw or paint and therefore never tried. Instead, I have enjoyed the art of others and tried to support those who can.

In connection with a managerial assignment, I spent as so often a night
in a hotel and as usual I was browsing for art online. 

An artist, Peter Sköld, Artistlab, Stockholm, who offered distance
education, showed up. 
I sent him an email, explaining that I never drawn, never painted, but wanted to. He thought we should give it a try. We started from the very beginning - "take a piece of paper, buy a brush and some nice colors". And so I did. I studied for him for about 1.5 years. 

After this at Malmfälten Folkhögskola for 1 year. I am currently studying
for a certificate as visual artist.

I am a member of ALAF, Association des Les Artistes Francais and The
Artist Guild (incl studies).

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