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As a young artist from the Jura, I have been painting since the end of 2019. It happened in an unpredictable way, like a thunderclap that you wouldn't expect. Without warning, I felt this intense urge to paint. I obtained a bachelor's degree in anthropology before I started painting, I am totally self-taught in the art world.
I paint mainly in an abstract way. Nothing is prepared in advance when I paint; there is only one expression, an unconscious that expresses itself. In my paintings, we feel the emotions that are released, that explore space. I am very inspired by the nature around me, the details and textures of all things in my daily life. You can feel the elements such as the earth, the air ... in my paintings. The meaning of life in general, suffering, and relationships between human beings, especially men / women, mark out my journey and the development of my thinking. Usually when I start a canvas, I don't know where it takes me. Sometimes I seek a balance or conversely I let everything that can come over me explode. I touch my essentials, what's going on inside of me. Everything else is just futility. There is in my work an impression of mystery, of searching for interiority. I started to paint in acrylics, but little by little ecological values ​​that are close to my heart prompted me to take an interest in other mediums, natural and environmentally friendly paints. Since spring 2020, I have been making my painting. I paint very often with tempera, but I also experiment with gouache, oil ...

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