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Elisha Bautista is a self-taught artist from the United Kingdom. While knowledgeable in the classical arts as an influence of her academic pursuits, Elisha’s painting style is heavily influenced by impressionist and abstract expressionist movements. Her art tends to exhibit the masterful technique of impasto textures — a visual interest common of the modern expressionists.

“My works are not meant to be deciphered as literal; the colour palette alone is a product of various ever-shifting factors. The weather, the date, the time. There is a unique place for all of that in my art.

I wish I could tell you that I find grand inspirations from momentous experiences or
remarkable travels, but this is not the case as such. I have a habit of romanticising the
somewhat banal. I’m fond of reimagining what I see and turning it into something more resplendent on canvas. A lamp post in real-life can grow into a cityscape and a rose turns into a meadow of flowers. To tell the truth, one of my largest abstracts was only inspired by rain running down a windowpane, and how I could have stared at it for hours without movement.

I do often feel I innocently make a spectacle of the humdrum more than others. I can’t be certain if this is a residual habit of child-like daydreaming I didn’t grow out of, but I hope I translate these emotions well.”

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