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Elodie Campeanu was born in Paris on July 27, 1986. As a child of five, she would roam museums for hours with a small folding chair, drawing book and case of pencils in hand, reproducing the works of the great masters that inspired her. She dreamed of becoming an artist.


At the age of 10, Elodie started taking watercolor lessons and immediately fell in love with the medium. She appreciated that watercolors force the artist to execute quick and precise gestures, for once the color has been applied, it cannot be undone.


Seven years later, Elodie received her first camera as a gift, which paved the way for her imagination to blossom. A director quickly spotted her photos and took her on set. At the age of 19, she was given the chance to work with renowned artists and well-known companies like Universal.


At the age of 21, she entered the Gobelins Art School in Paris to study photography and post-production. When she was 23, she founded and co-managed Pixus, a photo production, and post-production company, which granted her the opportunity to work with major brands around the world. Subsequently, she created Studio Perché to host artist exhibitions. While running her two companies, Elodie also taught photography and photo retouching at the Gobelins School for three years.


At 29, she decided to focus more on her personal work and moved to Champagnes-Ardennes in the countryside of France, where she continues her freelance work. This status gives Elodie the time and freedom to devote herself to more personal projects. Her love of painting resurfaced and her childhood passion reemerged to enrich her photography. Poetry, aesthetic and graphic sensibilities are the major directions of her work. She draws inspiration from personal experiences, current events, and certain imaginary surrealism confronted by raw reality; the latter influenced by the new objectivity movement in Germany. She likes to juxtapose opposite universes and give a dreamlike meaning to the stark reality from which it is difficult to distance ourselves.

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