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Artist since 2014 to Current

Lives in the Utah Southern Mountains

Highly reclusive due to multiple personality disorders.

Art and the creation of art is his life.  It allows him to survive.

"It is what keeps me getting up every morning of every day. I work every day from 15 to 20 hours a day on my Art.

I make many of my own canvases.  At times I even make my own paint.  As well as painting, sketching with different mediums.

My Art is what I live for.  It is so important to me to do something constructive with my life.  To earn my daily bread as it were.

So, to recap, creating art provides me with great joy.  It helps me survive one more day, one more week, one more month.  Art is my life raft, my panacea, my cure-all.

Simply put... Art is my necessity because I have nothing else.  Art is quite literally my life.  Art is me.  It has to be or else I will die; be it mentally or physically.

Art Keeps me alive.  It keeps me focused. It gives me a purpose.  It is my love, my mistress, my wife, my best friend, my therapist, and my salvation.

In a deeply ironic fashion, the very hardships and extremely harsh and horrific existence that life has presented have forced my subconscious and unconscious minds to marry

and give birth to a solution for survival.  Which is something I never could have produced on a conscious level?

What a miracle!"

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