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Emilie's artistic journey begins from childhood. Drawings, charcoal sketches, Indian ink, watercolor. Adult, after a commercial career, she quickly understands that her path is not there and that she must create. She gives up everything to resume an artistic training as a decorator painter. Her job found, three more years will be necessary to "digest" the technical achievements and transcribe them unconsciously in her paintings which will highlight her spontaneous creativity. Her painting has always aimed to awaken the senses. She chose therefore naturally abstract art. A bias to create emotion, sensations, feelings and release her own : to suggest interests much more than to describe! She never knows in advance where she is going. The canvas is built over the feelings, by putting a donor point on the composition and on a work of contrast between strength and delicacy. Acrylic brings her this search for harmony, work on textures, reliefs and colors. She wants her works to question the reader and transport him to her world. "If painting is conducive to the creation and stimulation of souls, I am happy to participate in this vibration of the world."

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