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Emily-Jane Hillman is preoccupied with life-affirming stories that express and
project the colours of freedom, justice, light and joy. She sees her work as a form
of cultural protest that she hopes will foster conversation and change. Her 2D
sculptures are inspired by women that are searching for freedom: a Syrian
swimmer fleeing war; a woman that is giving herself permission to do what she
most wants to do and not what is expected of her; a woman who is revealing how
she travels internally and how that manifests externally; a woman who is
shouting that she will no longer tolerate abuse in any way, shape or form. Her
soft sculptures, Inside Out defy definite form even as they reveal the substance of
the internal landscape.

Her abstract works arise from a place of strong feeling: passion, anger, justice,
joy or protest and make themselves heard through persistent mark making until
a visual narrative makes itself known and a lasting visual impression is made
through colour on the board or canvas or marks on wood or metal. Her work
represents a commitment to life through the longevity and substance of paint,
canvas, metal, wood, fabric or clay. In her figurative works she explores what it is
to be in the female form, as a girl amongst giant hibiscus flowers in Remembering
the Hibiscus and as a woman in her many naked forms.

Upcoming work for World Mental Health Day in October will amalgamate poetry
with ceramic work as well as large soft sculptures made from various personal
fabrics from the stages of Emily-Jane’s life.
Emily-Jane is an artist working primarily in sculpture and fine art but she is also
a photographer, filmmaker, designer and illustrator. Given Emily-Jane is also an
award-winning author, playwright and poet, she is particularly interested in the
narratives that silently give voice to her visual art works.

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