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Emis Right Art is born from a book “Drawing with the right hemisphere of
the brain”. I started reading this book at the age of 16een and from that
moment I did not stop painting. I am a self-taught artist, born in Sardinia
and then moved to Milan. Painting for me is like a therapy for the life, a
unique way to escape from reality to a beautiful and crazy Universe made
in the canvas. I like using strong colours and throw in the painting all the
feelings, emotions that I am living in that moment. In some way, every
painting reflects a piece of my life.
Colours, the music and dance are all combined in my artwork to make the
people travel in another imaginary world.
I organized an exhibition in Sardinia, and I exposed some paintings in Milan.
Next month I will participate to the “Looking for Art” event and competition
in Milan.

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