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Swedish artist Emma Lindgren focuses on painting mainly on metal with acrylic. She
has been painting on metal for ten years, as the material never ceases to fascinate and
inspire her. Many of her works of art have elements e.g. of rust in the metal and
recurring motifs such as flowers that are found in several of Emma's works. Her
expression gives both the industrial clean feeling of metal combined with warm rust
and the colourful elements that give a joyful esprit to all her works of art.

The metal she works with is 1 mm thick and when the painting is finished it is sealed
with varnish. At the back you will find a fastening device in wood which means that
it comes out approx. 30 mm from the wall and creates a nice shadow silhouette. This
construction also means that the artwork does not need to be additionally framed.

For Emma, every work of art should be a joy to create - her pictures and paintings
breath and radiate this passion.



2020 Sep - Art Show Uppsala, Sweden
2020 Aug – Art3f international contemporary art fair, Monaco
2019 Nov – Art Show Uppsala, Sweden
2019 Sept – Art Show Uppsala, Sweden