Emmanuel Okoro is a London-based sculptor originating from the Delta Region of

Nigeria. His interest in storytelling and themes of tribal ancestry, humanity, legacy, and immortality are consistent threads that weave their way through his practice and continue to inspire the evolution of his narrative. 

Okoro pares down to reveal the essence of a state of being, oneness a relationship or of a moment; whether dancing, expectant, or restful. With his sculptures, Okoro simplifies the forms to achieve clear lines, smooth and organic textured surfaces, while playing with the scale and proportion of specific features within figurative sculptures.

As an artist, he has been exercising and honing his skill for the past twenty years. His versatility and passion are reflected in his pieces, available in a variety of multi-coated, earthy elements. He searches for his own ‘Piece of the Rock’, so to say, carving and molding an artistic niche for himself. Finding words to express or describe his portfolio of works, is an art form in itself, and is, thus, left to the eye and soul of the observer.

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