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Based in Kent, U.K, Eniola Alakija is a self-taught, visual artist of Yoruba and Fulani descent; although he considers Lagos, Nigeria home.


Passionate about art, Eniola's work is described as very fluid, colourful and impactful. His work focuses directly on the happiness of the people of Africa, championing an alternative narrative to what is often shared about the continent he loves so much.


Through the vibrancy and boldness of his colour choices, his work invokes feelings of warmth, gratitude and delight. With a preference for Acrylic on canvas and with emphasis on texture, each painting provokes thought, pushing each individual to create their own internal narrative.


As an award-winning photographer with a speciality in documentary photography, Eniola also uses digital art to express his ideas and feelings. His work both painting and photography are proud features in many homes across the world. He has photographed in many countries around the world including; Cuba, South Africa, Dubai, USA and France to name a few, capturing as best as he can the authentic human experience.


Outside of his love for art, Eniola is also passionate about grassroot education in Lagos, Nigeria. He supports organisations that cater to education for children that will otherwise not have access to education.

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