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Enver Hoxhaj was born in Prizren 12.04.1968 , primary and secondary school finished in Prizren. He`s working place is as a professor of arts at ‘Fine-arts AAB University’ in Prishtina . Enver Hoxhaj is a founder of “NGO” – “Arte Nuovo Gallery”, with” ANG” he organised six Art Colonies in painting and other art performances in Prizren.


Sacrifice of everything that is no necessary to get to the essence is the feature of Enver’s attitude. Being not completely abstract and not completely expressive. Enver’s work belongs to abstract expressionism. With this artistic dimension in which direction Enver proceeds, thanks to his maturity after contacts with artistic experiences especially the contemporary ones. Enver during his active and careful itinerary through the magic of tradition and cultural heritage of Prizren succeeds to turn into material value, work of art, his spiritual values thus becoming an artistic sigh of his lovely city.

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