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Erin Bockler is a figurative artist based in New York City. She has a BFA from Moore College of Art and Design with a concentration in metal sculpture and art history. Erin went on to study art education at Parsons School of Design, and, since 2003, has proudly served as an art teacher for the NYC Department of Education, during which, she completed her Masters Degree in art education from City College of New York.

While once a passionate 3D artist, in teaching, she developed a new passion for drawing and painting. In late 2018, she was given a beautiful handmade sketchbook that sparked an artistic journey. It was gifted to her while suffering a traumatic manic episode, that was left untreated for more than a year. It became her journal and a visual depiction of her life in mania and its utter exhaustion. This meaningful sketchbook marked the beginning of her professional career as a Fine Artist.

Over the course of the next year, common themes became evident in her work. Some examples are figures In motion, seated or still figures, twisted figures, expressive portraits, a girl in flowers, and the curious cat. This group of work is titled “2019”.

Erin uses the female figure to express the feelings of mania, recovery, femininity, and motherhood. They are, as she describes, “internal self-portraits”. They explore feelings of duality, multiplicity, and hyperactivity.

As Erin moved into 2020, her art continued to reflect her experiences, both past and present. Her nudes are her reflections and depictions of femininity and strength. They are often a reflection of the artist, and of her response to life.

Every human’s journey is unique, Erin’s hope is that the viewer can find a piece of themselves in her work whether an awaking of emotion, nostalgia for moments passed, a glimpse at someone they love et al. At it’s core her art is about connectivity + awakening through the freedom of self expression.

You can hear more about Erin and her work on YouTube channel S.Street Media and Erin Bockler and on Art Imitates Life podcast on Spotify releasing August 11, 2020.


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