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Eva Merendes is a London-based contemporary visual artist and art curator

organizing shows for a London and Athens based Gallery.

Trained as an art therapist, who is pursuing her passion as a full-time artist.


Through her practice, she explores the themes of identity, sexuality,

body dynamics and the role of relationships in her life.

She admires the feminine, abstractions, the unknown, the deformed realities, the dark in contrast with the light.

Obsessions with mediums, people, and sensations keep her alive and imprisoned.

The process of creation is a full-body experience that derives from her interactions with people.


She has participated in group exhibitions, festivals, and night club shows in the UK and has collaborated with photographers and creatives in different art projects. Eva is also a featured artist at Bleur Art collective with a lot of promising art projects expected to come.


‘Forces’ (2020) at Art Number 23 (LDN)

‘Insert Feeling Here’ (2020) at Bleur (LDN)

'Vicious Circle' (2019) at Art Number 23 (LDN)

'Riposte' (2019) at Riposte x Club (LDN)

'We Sustain' (2019) at Mercato Metropolitano (LDN)

‘21st century Neanderthal’ (2019) as part of Fringe Arts Bath Festival (Bath)

‘Art House’ (2019) at Art House London Fields

‘A celebration of difference’ (2018) at Nolias Gallery (LDN)

‘Human’ (2018) at Espacio Gallery (LDN)

‘Beyond the image’ (2018) at Espacio Gallery (LDN)

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