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Evan was born and raised in the heart of the Elk mountain range of the Colorado Rockies. He began hiking, climbing and boarding the Colorado peaks at age 3. By the time he reached his teens, Evan was fortunate to have toured Europe, rafted the canyon lands of Utah and kayaked the San Juan seas of Northern Washington.


His parents separated when he was 4, both of whom were afflicted with addiction. He was forced to depend on himself for survival at an early age and adapt to the hardships and struggles of life. Battling addiction and substance abuse himself, and now sober and in long term recovery, he draws from his personal and diverse experiences to explore and follow his passion. 


His ongoing journey of recovery and quest to find serenity, love, and peace effervesces from his mind, body and spirit, enabling him to convey his deepest emotions onto canvas. Each piece speaks to and connects with the senses radiating his perceptions of the human condition and life.


He has been truly blessed with a God given gift to share with the world. Evan's hope is that his work will inspire people to reflect on the beauty, wonder, passion and adventure that is life.


As an artist, it is important for Evan that his art emulates his emotions. He prepares to work by dedicating 2-4 hours of his day to mediation in order to properly convey his feelings onto canvas. The challenges he has faced in his life then become the challenges he faces in getting it translated to canvas. Ultimately, working through these challenges creates his ingenious pieces of art.


When Evan is finished creating, he becomes engulfed with a sense of serenity knowing that he can learn to overcome his mental and addictive struggles with each new day. He hopes that his pieces will bring the same warmth and tranquility to those who are also in search of light at the end of the tunnel.

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