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Born in 1983 in Villach, Carinthia (AUT), graduated from University of Graz, Eva lives and works in Villach

Her career as an artist started, when her migraine was getting worse. Art gave comfort to her and helped expressing feelings. In the course of the time, her trips have been becoming a basis for her works. Especially her journeys to South America and Africa are a great source of inspiration to her. The photographical documentation of the trips constantly serves as a model for her art. With her abstract paintings, she tries to captivate the interaction of the colors on canvas and arranges them newly to create something different, which is only visible on second sight. Eva works mainly with large format canvas. Her work is characterized by a skillful play with language, the sometimes subtle, sometimes progressive use of photography, as well as a tendency for ironic distortion. Lately, she experiments with mixed media techniques.

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