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Evin Sprott is a twenty four year old artist from a small town in Colorado, USA.  She’s been married to her husband for three years and they have two beautiful children; a two and a half year old boy and a seven month old girl.


After three years of working in the dental field, she yearned for a more creative outlet to express her visions, emotions, and memories.


Having attended many art classes in high school, Evin had what she needed to start her self-taught art career.  But she never had the chance until January of this year, after her daughter was born.


Evin works primarily with watercolor and fluid acrylic, but loves to dabble with other mediums as well.  Her attention to detail in a more abstract form, gives her watercolor pieces a truly unique appearance.  And her vivid fluid acrylic paintings bring you into a kaleidoscope of colors and saturation.  

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