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Particularly attracted to an abstract figuration, much
attention is paid to chromatic research. His narrative system is made up of layering and overlapping materials, dense colors, textures, scratches and raw materials added and then removed. His creative act follows a precise mental order with a plastic formula, which allows you to identify different perspectives and dimensional planes, which want to link the human soul to matter, to search for the most varied forms of connection. Color in all its layers, constructs an abstract world in which the observer is absorbed and loses contact with tangible reality. Each nuance provides sensations and emotions that contribute to
transporting one's emotions on the support. For its visionary and expressionist soul, it is necessary to descend into one's interiority to grasp its essence and arouse in those who are onlookers a part in which perhaps it can be
reflected. In this way, the connection with the user of his works takes place, becoming a "medium" between him and the painting, capable of transporting the observer into his world. The artist is totally immersed in the canvas to feel
the material and establish an authentic bond. Each sign, each passage of color, acquires a meaning. There is nothing casual in his painting, everything happens as a function of a mental process that tends towards what the artist calls a
dynamic equilibrium: "It can be a balance made up of negative forms or spaces, of colors or absence of color, but nothing can be considered definitively concluded, until my eyes perceive something that I define as a "dynamic
balance" a harmony that is fundamental for me that generates order in the apparently sometimes chaotic pictorial expression ... ";

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