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French artist, the art teacher, born in 1976 in the north of France, lives & works in Nimes, south of France. Member of co-operative "la Ruche" , based in Nimes.

For some years, my work has been motivated by some emergency. The emergency of time that flies, time is the winner of our wills, our dreams, and our goals. This race ends up in the legacy and the preservation of images and forms which are left alone. These images have often not seen the light of day in the classical meaning of artistic practice: the search for beauty. 

Paul Klee's saying "Art does not reproduce what is visible, it makes it visible" echoes this artistic practice.

Making things visible is our will to make others see what we want to ignore: traces of our times, of our deadly society through its architectural forms, its technics, its way to defy death.

The Latin quote Memento Mori (i.e. Remember death) associated to still life in classical painting and to the Vanities, I want to make the end of our old world visible in the same way as shown during this game of chess between a knight and Deat in Ingmar Bergman's film The Seventh Seal. Our World seems to be doomed to fall over without our knowing where.

Making things visible thanks to ancestral painting, Prehistoric monsters modeled by steel structure or concrete, heavy structures, landscapes modelled by man, all of them testifying our dying civilization. Taking a picture and then transferring onto the canvas this idea of silence; when a man is leaving and contemplating his own fascinating and revolting traces.

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