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Federico Lopes, born in 2001 in Poschiavo, Switzerland, developed a deep interest in the art since he was very young. At the primary school, his talent and predisposition for drawing and painting were noticed. Some years afterward the Italian artist Valerio Righini started to follow him in order to promote his talent. After one preparatory year at the art school of Chur, he decided to pursue his dreams by starting his formation at the artistic high school of Lugano, where he is currently studying and learning new skills. Federico took part in several local exhibitions during the past years, winning the first prize at a painting contest organized in 2018 for the 100th Anniversary of the Pgi (Pro Grigioni Italiano) association. His artwork "Magic in Val di Campo" really impressed the jurors from the beginning, but even more, after they became aware of the age of the young artist. Since he was younger, Federico was able to seize a descriptive authenticity from the object under observation. In some cases, his objective imitation of the reality competes with the photography. It was under these circumstances that his mentor Valerio Righini described the young artist as it follows: "For the meticulous attention to detail and the precision of the technique, the paintings and drawings of Federico show a high grade of optical resolution. His nearly maniacal obsession for the real brings him close to the avant-garde current of the hyperrealism." The recent artworks range from the most captivating landscapes to the representation of nature in its particulars, as well to the most singular portraits

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