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Federico Pinto Schmid in art DiPinto was born in Orbetello on 6 May 1988. Of Maremma origin but carries in his blood German artistic influences. In fact, he spent his childhood between Porto Ercole and Eschenlohe in Germany to periodically find his father a sculptor and painter, Mario Alexander Schmid, surrounded by nature and colors in his very personal studio-home.
Pinto Schmid's designs, shapes, and colors are the result of a balance between a polite instinct and a domesticated confusion, all driven by a confidence in the gesture.
I see one of his blank canvas that is "formed" of free images, born of confusion. Plastic images that can widen and shrink, images that arise from confusion, almost emerge from view as already finite identities that just wait for Federico's eye to notice them being placed at the center of attention, but not isolated. As a soloist in an orchestra. Set up and decorated, the subject stops his attention and thus ends the picture. More simply, I speak of lines, curves, intertwined dimensions become borders within which a form is born.
"Today the reappearance of a form is almost legend. Today the rebirth of a form can bring back to the top the becoming of an original pure thought arrived on the tired earth. "
in the 80s Umberto Mastroianni, an Italian artist, said about his idea of ?? sculpture. And also for Federico Pinto Schmid, a tube of color waits to be transformed into shape, not because it hasn't already, but as a caterpillar in a butterfly.

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