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I was born in Milan on April 18, 1965, already as a child, I showed a certain predisposition to drawing and color, thanks to an art education teacher I started to express my colorful ideas and to work clay.

In the eighties, I attended and graduated in Industrial Graphics from the Salesians in Milan.

During the studies of graphics and design, I deepened and studied the various techniques of technical drawing, letter drawing, painting, the basics of colorimetry and color reproduction, as well as graphic layout, reproduction, and printing.

In that period, I started painting as a hobby trying to use different techniques, from pastel drawing, tempera to water, and plaster. The plaster allowed me to use my hands directly on the cardboard, which amused me a lot and gave me the sensation of being able to model painting in a very direct and physical way.

The great passion grows, and I am kidnapped and fascinated by color.

Color is the basis of all my works, a color that from light becomes pigment.

Towards the age of 20, I started to paint in oil on canvas and prompted by acquaintances soon my works for some local exhibitions in the Milan hinterland.

I have always avoided going physically to exhibitions and fairs since I considered my passion private and preferred other activities more suited to my very open and sunny nature ... simply participating in exhibitions or fairs of the various associations bored me.


Since the late eighties, thanks to my profession of the times, I approached and became an instructor of the first computer graphics systems.

In 1989 in London at one of the first Apple centers I learned and trained on the first graphics and image processing programs (Color Light Speed ​​Illustrator and Photoshop 1.0)

The knowledge and use of IT software I still use them for the design of any work that I then translate to the final support.

For ten years now I have gone from oil to acrylic which I prefer for my work.

I am artistically attracted to all that is color, both abstract and for the personal representation and interpretation of environments and contemporary life.

I love modern art in all its forms although in some cases difficult to understand.

For some years now I have been painting mainly on thick 3D canvases that allow you to paint all the side surfaces of the paintings, giving you the opportunity to view the work from multiple perspectives.

Generally, I don't like frames ... I prefer naked work hanging on a wall with the correct spaces for the vision.

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