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Felix Huisken


Born: 15th may 1971, Leiden/The Netherlands Living in The Netherlands Educated: Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam/Netherlands

Represented by: ARTcompany Eindhoven/Netherlands


After my study I worked as a web/graphic designer for almost 20 years. I fell in love with pixels a long time ago. It is fascinating how an amount of code can arrange pixels to make a perfect image. By command, pixels show you beautiful landscapes, perfect portraits or a second of your life. But just a split second before all pixels take their designated position, they still float in their own dimension. A dimension where all pixels are free and equal. Some might play together and form a shape by choice. Others rest in sorted positions, grouped by color, saturation or brightness. I started to visualise that split second before the true image is shown on my screen. My tools are as digital as possible. I am almost my own assistant, while my processor/CPU is doing all the hard work. Because pixels respond to code, I communicate with them by changing source code. By asking pixels to rearrange positions because of their code, images distort in a digital way beyond imagination. This is called 'pixelsorting' or 'processing'. Sometimes it almost looks like paint, sometimes a weeping texture is shown. And often it looks too epileptic to show to anyone else. I look forward to explore new ways to communicate with pixels and finding out what that looks like.

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