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I´m Fernanda Marques and I live in Lisbon Portugal. My inspiration comes from
art, music and poetry.

I´ve been doing small scrafts, since 2012. I started with scrapbooking, mix of
mixed media & acrylic paint on canvas and other art mediums on sketch

Everything I’ve learnt has been through self-guided learning.
I’m what others call a ‘self-taught’ artist, I decide exactly what I want to learn, when to do it, and how to learn it every single day

I love playing around and discover new textures & techniques, such as

structure pasta, modelling pasta, pastels, gesso and acrylic paint.

I’ve working around with warm colours on abstract artwork, but my favs colours are black & white, silver, platinum and bronze.

I´m attracted by vibrations outside the standard. Those extraordinary sensations that lead me to the creation of my own technique, whom allows me to go beyond imaginary

I can take my mind of things when I do art, it’s like entering another dimension or like therapy, I feel free…

When I abandon one project, I need to close my eyes and feel the relief on the canvas with my own hands…because they are never finished

I use the artistic name “zandaz”.

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