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I am an Edinburgh based artist working with a range of media but predominantly watercolour, pen and ink. I specialise in cityscapes and architectural drawings/paintings but also have a passion for landscapes and have recently been commissioned to paint some clients’ dogs for them. I love to try new styles and really stretch my skills into different, unknown areas. Watercolours in my passion because I love how they almost have a life of their own and what you put on paper is often quite different to what you find when the paints dry. I love to make others happy with my art, seeing how much joy a piece of my work makes them when it is up on their wall to enjoy. I adore travel and am so inspired by the architecture of Italy, Paris and Scotland, to name a few.

I am a Primary Teacher 9-5 but as soon as I’ve hung up the whiteboard pen for the day, I love to rush home to my art studio and get creative. I’m lucky to have long holidays to also dedicate to my artistic passion. My job as a Primary Teacher allows me to be extremely creative and I love to inspire my pupils with my love of all things art and design. I run a school art gallery for all the children in the school to access, from Nursery, right through to Primary 7. This really brought the community together during the recent lockdown. I make videos for them showing them particular techniques and styles and then ask them to get creative with different themes.

I studied art and design all through school, spending as many lunch times as I could in the art studio. I won various art and design awards and prizes throughout secondary school. I then went on to study art and design where and when I could as well as training to be a paediatric nurse and then, a teacher. I have carried out various online and face to face courses in landscape, cityscapes and life drawing. Any chance I can get to learn and develop I take. Much of what I have learnt has been self-taught and through a great deal of practise, hard work, grit and determination. When I produce commissions for clients, I ensure the piece 100% meets their expectations and will spend as long as it takes doing that. My standards are very high as I take great pride in what I produce.

My love for architecture and building design means that I take my sketchbook and materials anywhere I go. I recently went to Italy and had a wonderful time sitting in cafes enjoying ‘un café’ and drawing/painting my surroundings. I love to find new ways to use materials. In one café, I even used the coffee itself to add shadow and colour. You will see in some of my pieces how I love to splatter paint on to the paper to give texture to the plants and trees surrounding the buildings. I enjoy the contrast between that and the lines in the buildings.

I am inspired by the work of John Singer Sargent in the way that he experiments with colour to show light and shade in his pieces. I am also inspired by the etchings of James McBey in my architectural drawings. My inspiration also comes from closer to home. My grandfather was a talented artist and gave me my first set of paints, seeing my passion from an early age. My uncle on his side is a talented professional artist who has had a great deal of success in his field. The curator of an Edinburgh art gallery who is familiar with his work recently commented on how I have “inherited my uncle’s talents”. That makes me feel very honoured and proud.

In the world of lockdown I have built my online presence through Instagram and Facebook and have been proud to have my work praised and shared by the likes of Alexander McQueen, Showcasing Scottish Artists, Marram Arts, Anna Louise Felstead, Edinburgh Highlights and even Stobo Castle Spa in Scotland when I painted a piece for them. I am looking forward to taking my work further once lockdown restrictions are reduced more.

Along with dogs, I have been commissioned to paint and draw buildings and landscapes special to my clients such as churches, holiday destinations and local beaches. I love to produce pieces that I am inspired by but equally, it brings me great joy to bring an image or idea to life in a painting that a client will enjoy for years to come.

I have had many positive comments from clients such as a recent one who said “I could look at your art all day.” I hope you also enjoy looking at my pieces and they bring some joy to your day.

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