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The French artist Françoise Wattré intuitively captures her flowers on canvas, with the creative process as her focus, not the realistic representation of reality. She has no model to paint from and does not use any aids such as beamers or grids - she evokes her images
through the inner eye and they only gradually unfold their poetic power on the canvas. She needs nothing but canvas and paint. For many years she painted with oil and watercolor. By combining these techniques with her experiences from the Art Academy she developed her unique, personal style. The process of creation is a continuous interaction of intuitive painting and quite conscious decisions, such as composition and composition.
Often the observer cannot give these flowers a name from botany and the intended abstraction thus touches the core of ones being, the innermost parts, the emotions. Blossoming as a metaphor for life itself, growth and development in response to the major universal challenges in every life.

The eruptive, paste application of paint speaks to the passion of the painting. The colour rises in places into the three-dimensional. One senses the generous movements, the fierceness, from which these works are created and embodies the painter's interest in the living, the sensually haptic, and the playfulness of the colours and shapes is bold yet

Françoise Wattré is a fascinating artist on a very individual path, which she walks with great passion and dedication. She is guided by a rousing joy for life and the everlasting reflection on our existence, people and everything that surrounds us. But she does not leave it at pure observation and processing - she senses the subtlety in the core inspiration from trees, blossoms, birds, daydreams, and literature. Their visual aesthetic perception sets the impressions and feelings, then change into color and form. She is concerned with what a picture should look like on a deeper level. For the observer, she creates happiness and joy in order to enrich the lives of others and reflects their endeavour to celebrate the beauty and the wonders of life. Her art has been featured in international art magazines and can be found in galleries in the USA and Europe.

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