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Frida Pini grew up in a small town in Bavaria, Germany. She is a self-taught artist, at school her art teacher was excited about her drawing skills.

She attended a fototechnical school when she was 17 and became a fototechnical assistant.
After her apprenticeship as an media-designer in Ulm she worked about ten years for a photo marketing company. But it was not fullfilling, not as creative as she thought it might be.

In 2013 she moved to Berlin, she wanted to see more of the world. The following years she learned a lot about herself, got more confidence and tried different jobs.

Frida started painting in 2018 with oil colors, many people encouraged her to paint more. In December 2019 she started to paint digital. After several foot surgeries, she was tied to bed. During this long period of rehabilitation time she got a great passion for digital painting and developed her skills with hard work, many hours daily.

She loves to paint portraits with a surreal touch, landscapes and animals. Follow Frida Pini on her amazing art journey, which started just a few years ago.

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