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Faith Simonelli’s early life was an incredible adventure living in multiple states throughout the United States.  This allowed her to experience many different cultures and geographic locations.  She currently lives in Washington State where she is surrounded by coastal and mountain regions.  Faith attended the University of Washington and has a BA in American Studies with a minor in Education and a Masters in Cultural Studies. She has an incredible partner, two adult children, and three fur babies.  


She has been in love with all things art since she was a child and finds art perspective in the nature around her.  For her, it is a way to escape and put into perspective what she experiences, sees, and feels. She draws from personal experiences and her surroundings to inspire her art.  Her art reflects her journey of mindfulness.  Her goal with her art is for individuals to feel inspired, alive, and empowered.  


Faith has organized workshops on art identity, trauma, and has been a volunteer art docent in many area schools in her area.  She finds the perspective of working with youth and adults to be an invigorating experience.  Taking those experiences and putting them into her art is a true privilege for her. 

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