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1968, October 13 – was born in Ternopil city

1981-85 – studying in Ternopil Children School of Art. Teacher S.V.Chubko.

1993 – graduated from Filial of Lviv Secondary School of Decorative Art named after Ivan Trush in Lanivtsi for specialty Interior Decorator, obtained Diploma with honors.

Since 1999 he lives and works in Spain.

2008-10 – studying in the School of Art in Torrevieja city, Spain.

Class “Pintura rápida” (fast painting).

Professor Manuel Balaguer.

Participant in collective exhibitions in Spain.

Pictures are kept in collections in Spain, England, Germany, Poland.


I'm a Ukrainian artist, but I moved to Torrevieja(Spain) 20 years ago. I started painting at 16 years old, painting is my life, I love painting, In Spain, I started painting landscapes, but now I'm painting modern art with a brush and palette knife. I love what I do, hope you like my works, thank you. I have worked in many different paintings shops and other places(USA, Poland, Spain, Ukraine, France)


-Ternopil (Ukraine):  November 16th  – Personal exhibition in my native city of Ternopil at the Regional Museum of Art, posted 47 works.

-Krakow (Poland):  April 5th, 2018 posted about 50 works of Cracow and other places

-Torrevieja (Spain):  August 4th,2018 Personal exhibition at the Casino of Torrevieja posted around 45 works


-Torrevieja (Spain): September 27th,2019 Personal exhibition at the Centro Cultural Virgen del Carmen, posted around 48 works

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