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Self-taught British Artist F.Walla uses a heavy layering technique to produce her unique

abstract pieces. Each artwork is produced in stages resulting in unique fluid

proportions, giving each piece its own unique identity. Her style is known as ‘Bold

 Abstraction’ which encompasses fingerprinting, utensil work, and a subtle build-up of textures in bold blocks of color.


Her artistic vision transcends the notions of creativity. Her paintings are deliberately specific and are inspired by her passion for Indian Mughal art. Her abstract work takes inspiration from colors, patterns, and textures that exist all around her.


Her aim is for the viewer to develop and build their own personal connections with her paintings. Whether the images remind them of personal memory or invoke a particular emotion, she aims to spiritually influence their visual senses.


Her work has been described as “Unique & totally mesmerizing”, by curator

Monty Preston from Saatchi online.

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