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Let’s face it. I was a chef, a traditional Thai masseur, a Spanish language teacher, an ESOL teacher, a missionary, a web designer, and an Eco shop co-owner. However, Abstract Reasoning, as it was called in in my end of school years test, was the subject with the highest score and an artist seed planted in my soul during my early years in Bogotá, Colombia where I was born. In 2017 I harvested this skill and understanding of what Abstract Reasoning meant to me and what I should do about it. I Found a profound desire and commitment to translate this skill and understanding into the Arts. It led me to create imaginable and unimaginable portraits and other pieces of art to the greatest self-satisfaction degrees.


The constant search for "new creations" and the continuous practice of the brush, paint, and paper has been nothing but the flesh and bones of my life as an Artist. My artwork has not only been the product of sincere work to create something beautiful and moving but rather the result of life's experiences then and now. Here in Scotland. Artist personal website

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