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My name is Gal Yerushalmi. I am an Israeli painter and ex-dancer working and living in Tel-Aviv.


In my work, I delve into the study of amorphous shapes, lines, stains, colors, and textures. I am interested in the connection between these features and the freedom to examine the way they meet whilst liberated from traditional compositional rules or fixed aesthetics.


Working within the realms of abstract painting, my work discusses questions on color and shape. With these questions, I offer a subjective narrative that allows the observer a broad and comprehensive viewing experience with the possibility to face the work intimately. The work invites the viewer to delve into specific sections and to experience something which is personal. The large scale of the work invigorates this intimate and abstract experience which brings the observer closer to the narrative of the painting.


My work is characterized by conflicting forces. Painting with complementary colors against a color saturation that burdens the eye. Amorphous and flowing shapes, and geometric and sharp lines using traditional paints like oils and acrylics along with industrial materials in a variety of qualities and structures. By creating abstract surfaces and repeated shapes, I explore a sense of continuity in my work which extends beyond the limits of the canvas and into a universe of its own.


It intrigues me to create two-dimensional spaces in which the experience of time is inherent. A space which is at first glance conspicuous and seductive in its bold and blunt colors and in a continuous gaze reveals additional subtle and varied events. This is in order to create an embodied viewing experience (viewer vs. painting) and develop an individual subjective internal dialogue.

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