I have always been a creative and my path has taken me professionally down many
creative avenues, performance, film, graphics and teaching art. I have an arts
degree in performance art and studied Visual Performance at Dartington College of
My path took an unexpected shift when my son started struggling at school and this
is when my art became a daily practise. We both suffered a kind of trauma. It made
me question my role as a teacher, my part in this construct, the system I worked in,
its faults, the current political climate, national resources and how children are really
valued. Mental Health has become a big theme for me and is central to my painting
practise. I watch it unfold, become part of it, observe, distance, philosophise, guess,
deal with it, strategise it, manage it, advocate for it, fight and I try to not to let it
consume me. 
I come back to painting with an urge to scribble, scrape, destroy, unearth and strike
through anything too formulaic. To show some truth. Sensory expression is what
feeds my practise and my experience has given me a new energy and focus. The
will to make marks overides any doubts, fear, hesitation or even planning. I have
made automatism part of my process. Timing and energy has to be right for my
paintings as I work in the moment and intuitively. I think this way of working probably
goes back to my interest in the moment and my Visual Performance degree, the
moment is real and the work is not a representation, it is not theatrical, or
reconstructed, it is sensory, an expression. More real than the constructs we call
reality and more real than representation. I work with form, the figure, abstraction,
intuition and a sensibility that wants to unravel anything to formulaic. I start abstract
and figures unconsciously come through.
My process is based in Automatism. It's also about fight and ease, destruction to
renew. If something begins to look too pretty, too contrived, pushed too far and to a
level I feel is constructed and not real, then it is destroyed to find that clearer
expression. Never really building up but tearing down, pushing through. Often the
answer to completing work is how I feel in the process, not what I see before me. I'm
happy in this fight process of painting, comfortable with ambiguity.

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