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Gemma McCarthy is a South Australian based artist who works mostly with acrylic paint; however she also creates mixed media artworks on canvas.  Gemma has been creating artworks, using paints (acrylic and oil), charcoal, graphite, watercolours, ceramics, and collaging styles since 2016.  Since her introduction to art, painting has become the way that Gemma deals with the tough times in life and her social anxiety. 

Gemma’s art is about expressing herself, her emotion, and the way she perceives life around her, this can be seen in all her artworks but is predominantly seen in her abstract works.  She is inspired by impressionist artists from the last few centuries, especially Claude Monet, and Leonid Afremov, as she appreciates the way the paint is applied to the canvas and the way the loose brush strokes create a picture or experience.

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