I am a romanian painter from the city of Sibiu. I am self-taughtI painter, I studied chemistry and i have a PhD in engineering field.

I started my “art affair” in college by collecting turn of the century paintings. Over time, I became more and more interestedin modern painting.

Knowing different artists and seeing them in there studio and in there expositions soon put me on”creative mod” and so I start to paint.Painting became a constant preoccupation.

I am interested in color and innovative ways to put color in value while maintaining the figurative shape of things.This was the main idea of the ”Color alchemy” project at theZero Gallery from Brasov.I generally use oil paint, witht greate care on texture.

I showed my works few times in gallery from Romania Portugal Italy and Holland. You can find my works all year at Zero Gallery from Brasov.


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