Artist-G F Harper-Title-Shine on You Cra



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Texas-based artist G. F. Harper makes contemporary works primarily with oil on canvas, incorporating line, space, and texture either binding or diluting pigment for consistency and flow. The rhythmic energy through harmonious movement is a personal exploration of modern perception and social structure  to create a dialogue regarding the Self as concept and what it means to embrace diversity. Harper has been painting and writing in the landscape of American Arts for more than ten years now. His unique and creative visual language pays homage to an array of traditions and genres, drawing elements from Old Master portraiture to American contemporary art.

His original works range from grotesque and sublime to simply beautiful. All artworks include unique poetry by Harper as well. G. F. Harper lives and works in Texas. He majored in English Literature at St. Edward’s University with a specialization in Creative Writing. Harper has worked or collaborated with Superfine!, Art
Money, Exhibbit, and Up Collective.

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