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Gianna Satarino is a native of Dallas, Texas, and started creating drawings and paintings as a young child.  In school, she studied Studio Art, Art History, and took a special interest in Biology. She has received several scholarships and has advanced degrees in Art History from Tufts University and Education from Pace University. She works in oils, watercolors, gouache, and charcoal, and she draws inspiration from the world around her, her studies in Art History, and her recent interest in Genetics.

            In her current work, she explores the body as a site of lived experience, particularly experiences that are tied to those who came before her and those who are bound with her now. She strives to ascertain her own experiences and translate those onto a two-dimensional surface for viewers to experience in their own way. 

            She believes that her own personal history and the history of her ancestors are part and parcel of her lived experiences. As part of her work, she has conducted research into her genetic history, exploring where her ancestors were originally from and where they migrated to through slavery or other means.  She feels that parts of our genetic code are passed down from generation to generation, and she believes that perhaps the experiences of her ancestors are somehow alive in her. When she translates three-dimensional forms onto a two-dimensional surface, she explores connections to the experiences of her ancestors who experienced trauma in the form of migration, slavery, childbirth, etc.

            As a woman, she also calls upon personal experiences as a mother who has experienced pregnancy, the pain of childbirth, and the reconfiguration of the body to conform to the needs of the new generation.  She feels that these are shared experiences that tie her to an unbroken line leading back to her ancestors and forward to her children. In many of her female figures, she explores how these visceral experiences have altered her physical body and her perception of herself while keeping in mind that these are experiences she shares with her ancestors and her children in the future.  

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