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I’am Gilbert kisimba , I moved to South Africa from the republic democratic of Congo in
2012 at the age of 15 . I moved in order to continue my education , to open my self to
different things. I had to go through different challenges to find my path , I had to adapt to
grow and learn . I first started by attending an English school in Claremont , the course took
me over a year and I got to meet different people from different countries such as France ,
Angola, Korea all entering South Africa like me .
Since I was only 15 and I had dropped out of high school due to my low academic
performances , my father enrolled me In chef school at capsicum culinary art . A year later
my older brother joined and we moved in together . My time at capsicum thought me a lot
about South African culture. I met again a lot of foreign nationalities who where here to
complete their studies like me , I worked for different restaurants in town and different
I first started painting at 16 a year after I moved to South Africa. Art was always in my life
because my father is a art collector, I was very much influenced by Congolese artist growing
up , my father introduced me to tshenge , kawele who are Congolese masters . When I
decided to go back to high school to get my high school diploma I took visual art as a subject
since I was planning to attend Ruth prowse , the visual art course taught me a lot of theory ,
different art movements, design movements . Different art techniques and style and
different artist like willie bester .
After high school I did not want to apply to Ruth prowse any more because I always felt like
an outcast in every school system I entered , art is very important for me so I volunteered at
the national art gallery (Iziko) for 8 months while working on my art and developing my
own style by observing artist like Alexis preller, Gerard seketo , Penny siopis and Stanley
pinker . At the time I also joined the AVA ( association for visual art ) and became a
member, I recently just join Spier creative blocks project.

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