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Giles is a Bristol (UK) based fine artist. He first studied Graphic Design, and following a short course at St Ives School of Art he applied to the University of West of England (UWE) to study Fine Art. It was here he was awarded the “Innes Wilken Art in Architecture” prize. Since gaining his BA, Giles has continued to develop his innovative techniques and shrewd use of colours within his work.
Painting and drawing have been integral to Giles’ life. Heavily influenced by the early 80s, Giles been painting and doodling his entire life. As an artist, he currently produces 2D abstract work. His art is a means of self-expression and therapy, yet the resulting angst-ridden canvases are bright and lively in
nature. The techniques are varied and now adopt an illustrative style in favour of the linear markings of his earlier works. The rough brush strokes, dribbles and smears are achieved with the use of acrylics, pens and the odd

spray paint

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