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Giordan, born in 1998, is a young artist in full swing. Impregnated by the very young art and the universe of street artists as well as icons from the 60s to 80s such as Warhol Haring and Basquiat but still great of the Abstract as Mr.Rothko. He draws his inspiration from the source of words, his entourage and the underground spirit. Through a myriad of colors, he distills a percussive spirit and a wind of pictorial freedom by its semi-figurative forms. Under his prism, the company interferes in his paintings and changes his face. Giordan freezes, he says, "moments of life" ... Ode to a bygone era or taste for nostalgia, his works crystallize an indescribable strength. Such force is engendered by an instinctive gesture to extract the essence of creative spontaneity and a defused society. The purpose of Giordan's work is to put graffiti on a parcel of graffiti that can be seen in railway stations, abandoned buildings, etc. Today, art continues outside museums and he sees these graffiti that some deem "degrading" as an art that gives a voice to the people. For him, it is an act that aims to express himself, to mark his passage, to shout his anger towards society. He thus contrasts his stencils with stronger messages but very often endowed with some form of irony.

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