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Giovanni De Benedetto is an Italian klecksography artist who combines painting and photography at once.

His projects have multiple points of view and the observers are an active part of the creative process, where each artwork has been made to shake the spectator from the inside.

Starting from 2012 he took part in several solos and collective exhibitions with his main project PREMATURE, exhibiting in cities like Venice, Paris, Miami Beach, Berlin, and Bangkok.

In 2019, he was selected for the 4-month artist residency program at galleries in Berlin which culminated with his first solo exhibition in the German capital at the gallery located in Berlin-Mitte.

Furthermore, his artwork PREMATURE #77 was chosen by the fair director Cristina Salmastrelli to be exhibited at the prestigious PULSE Art Fair in Miami Beach during the Miami Art Week as part of The Next Generation of artists in the contemporary panorama.

In 2020 he started to work together with the art dealer Matteo Sormani from  Art-Preview, and the Emerging Artist Platform from Hansford & Sons Fine Art where both platforms offer different artworks from the PREMATURE series.

De Benedetto is also featuring in several art magazines like Inside Art and Dodho Magazine and he has been selected to be featured on the cover of the third issue of Al-Tiba9 Magazine with 10 pages-article and an interview of him.

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