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My visual sense was developed underwater. I can remember hours being spent below the surface watching the most ordinary of objects being transformed into magical glittering diamonds by the sun. This experience was life-altering as it began my love for light, color, and translating life into the visual. It has been my only education for I am a self-taught collage artist living in NYC who has learned through my own experimentation. I create very spontaneously thinking in impression and then later meticulously refine.


Being influenced by city rhythms, motion naturally seeps into my collages as a result of placement, texture, and color. I am passionate about the dynamics of a piece, how disparate parts eventually come together to make a whole. The visual form of language is also an integral element in my art. I use hand-altered photographs, pigment ink, paper, oil pastel, and watercolor on wood in most of my collages to give a visceral feel. Often I use the same “cast of characters” where they play off of each other in different visual and existential situations. Mostly, I want my art to always reflect awe for beauty, for broadening our cultural definition of beauty, the beauty that can take its form in the crooked line, discarded fragments, the torn, the gritty: the fingerprints of living.


My work has been shown in numerous galleries and online exhibitions, the London-based Murze Art Mag, the book Reflections and I have given an artist talk at The Barret Art Center. I will be in an upcoming show in Taos, New Mexico called Taos Insurgence-The New Protagonists as well as the Aptitude Exhibit Envision Arts at The Gallery 8680 in Frisco, Texas.

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