I was born and raised on the main island of Luzon in the Philippines. After I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, I changed course and followed my dream of becoming a makeup artist and hairdresser. While earning money doing this, believing that education is a continuous process, I was able to finance myself to study Nursing. My nursing career opened doors for me, allowing me to travel to the UK where I met my partner. A few years ago while looking for makeup brushes in London, I found an art store that sold exactly the type of brush that I like, but it so happens it’s a watercolour brush. That chance discovery opened the world of painting up to me.

In 2018 I held a solo exhibition back home, with all proceeds going to various local charities.

My plan for the future is someday to go back to my motherland where I can help my fellow Filipinos. I want to reach out to those who have the potential but lack the means to pursue their dream. I also plan to develop my skills in painting in order to sell some of my works commercially and help me to provide further meaningful support to charities back home.

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