I grew up in Belgium within a multicultural family and cosmopolite atmosphere, which had a deep impact on my way of approaching art in its most varied alternatives. I am a self taught artist, who loves experimenting with different techniques and discovering all kinds of artistic trends.
I started painting with watercolors at a very early age and learned about the most important things in art by watching my idols paint and by practicing every day.
My artistic approach can be defined as open minded and not bound to any specific trend, as I love to evoke emotions and reactions from my audience through my work, either via a realism, surrealism, abstract or pop art styles…just to name a few.

- Plein Air painting contest – free style and subject. Organisation: Townhall of
Torrelodones, Madrid, Spain. July 2018
- Collective Exhibition of contemporary art. 5* Hotel Casa-Palacio Maria Luisa.
Organisation: Mundoarti Gallery. Jerez de la Frontera, Spain. March 2020.

- Finalist at the Contemporary Art Painting contest – Realism, free subject.
Organisation: Avatarte Gallery, Madrid, Spain. April 2020.
- Permanent Virtual exhibition at the Mundoarti museum. Organisation:
Mundoarti Gallery. Valencia, Spain. June 2020.
- Collective Exhibition of contemporary art. 4* Hotel Oca Puerta del Camino.
Organisation: Mundoarti Gallery. Santiago de Compostela, Spain. September 2020.
- Collective Exhibition. Art Show Marbella 2020. Organisation: Van Gogh Art Gallery. Marbella, Spain. September 2020.

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