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I am a self-taught Swiss artist from Lucerne. I came to professional art painting only late, although my affinity for painting was already pronounced in my childhood.

In my search process I applied different painting styles. The examination of the overwhelming work of the American expressionist Mark Rothko finally led me to turn away from figurative to colour field painting. Since then it is the constant search for the connection between the sensual and the metaphysical that drives me. The challenge is to unite harmony of colours and forms, spontaneous expression and meditative depth.

In my "classical" oil colour field paintings the painting is built up by means of many thin layers of colour and a calm language of forms. Thereby energy and silence are conveyed, which leads to an inner balance. On the E.A.P. platform the emphasis is on paintings with a wide range of mixed techniques.  These works have a similar expression as the oil works and additionally show a striking texture.

A selection of my works can be seen at the "Art International Zurich" from 1 - 4 October 2020 and at the "Rhy Art Salon Basel" from 17 - 20 June 2021.