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I am painting intuitively. Each artwork expresses my inner universe. It’s a meditation, an unconscious journey toward an unknown destination. Usually, I start with the background color, then some ideas and shapes arise. I practically never do any preliminary sketches. I work the acrylic, to which I add oil pastel or alcohol ink. I try different textures as well. I am a versatile artist. I don't want to limit myself to a specific style or to only one technique. I paint multiple paintings at the same time. I can navigate between an expressionist portrait and an abstract painting, symbolic or romantic. But whichever style or technique I utilize, my goal is to capture the inexpressible—to touch the spectator's soul. My wish is to continue to explore new ways of creativity and introduce my artwork to as many people as possible. And mostly, that my artwork arouses emotion.

I am a French self-taught artist. I currently reside in Mexico and I devote myself entirely to painting

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