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Born in 1972 in France, Philippe Halaburda studied graphic design in Paris.

Initially, his work was more figurative during his life in Paris from 1993-1995 and in Switzerland from 1996-2000. Later he moved to Aix-en-Provence, where his work became increasingly abstract, light, bold and colorful. In 2012, he completely transitioned into playful, unpredictable abstraction creating an emotionally charged explosion of colorful shapes and grids against white space. Influenced by living and working in New York City since 2016, he keeps transforming his style in exciting and innovative ways. Whole urban environments are being encoded into his own visual language, maps, and frameworks that invite the viewer to discover their own subconscious feelings, dreams, and experiences from living and interacting in the city and their relation to the collective.

Philippe Halaburda’s artwork is very similar within the fundamentals, however not as schematic as seen in Malevich’s work. It is characterized by an enormous dynamism and bold presence telling stories and exploring social tensions and relationships.

The artist uses all kinds of mediums, be it canvas, photos, digital media or plexiglass as well as his own techniques of replacing paintbrushes with rubber spatulas to create the imagery, topography and abstract algorithms of data he collects transforming them into new worlds of monumental scales.

The beauty of his work lies in the poetic and spontaneous expression of landscapes transformed into a modern visual code that the artist keeps inventing and perfecting.

Philippe Halaburda has been exhibited throughout Europe with his first solo representation by a gallery in the United States (Peyton Wright Gallery in Santa Fe, NM). Since then, he has been represented by various American and French galleries. 

According to the artist "Based on feelings or memories, my art process delves into the complex undercurrents of intimate and collective interactions. The blurry boundary between perception and experience always inspired me: I am interested in the randomness of emotion through art by imaging abstract visuals based on the subconscious.  My work engages with humankind and environments; it calls upon an emotional framework as a construct to bring the viewer as a participant in this experience. Exploring forms and lines in my map compositions, I form disaggregated grids and imaginary topographies that reveal social tensions and relationships, instead of addresses and landmarks. Through paintings, photos or digital works, I build imaginary coded and abstract algorithms taking up mental, geographic, and collective data that I discover within each new image. I am seeking to constantly perfect this technique and renew my process. Artworks address broader mental architecture within me, in an attempt to examine contradiction or harmony. The titles are the final result of this tracking by creating a new language. Abstract keeps me focused on a quest for unlimited and unknown psychological territories as a springboard for the imagination"

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