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Born and raised in the Midwest of the United States, Hana is now living life on the East coast in Charlotte, NC. Hana is a daytime Project Manager, 24/7 dog mom of two and free time fluid artist. Hana comes from a talented family of designers, drawing artists, painters, and musicians. Growing up, Hana’s mother was always crafting and painting which encouraged Hana’s love of art, crafts and DIY projects.

Hana found that she loved the world of fluid art due to the unpredictability, all around messiness, and manipulation that results in a beautiful piece of abstract art. The ability to experiment with different and unique color combinations, mediums and surfaces is an added bonus.

The current Covid pandemic provided Hana with an abundance of time to dedicate to her art and thus HaliBird Creations was born. Named in honor of her late Grandma Barb who lovingly saved every piece of artwork Hana ever gave her.  

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