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Hanno Rink is a senior painter based in Berlin, Germany. Hanno uses hyperrealism and flawless execution in order to put in perspective the world as we know it.

Trained as an academic painter and an architect, Hanno has developed a career as an illustrator, a chief of design for large magazines interacting with journalists about current events, a sculptor and a painter bringing all these perspectives together as a critical and profound mirror of us, viewers and actors of society and the world.


His images tell a story and reflect the passing of time and the place of nature. With a very unique style, he often includes elements of other paintings and painters such as Magritte, Roy Lichtenstein, Goya, Velasquez, and puts them in another context. Hanno often places paintings inside his paintings. Showing paintings laying, or even the back of them. He treats his subjects ironically, putting for instance an abstract painting on a floor where it reflects, making it in fact a concrete painting.


Hanno is currently working on the crisis with paintings related to Covid, climate change, refugees and other crises, in a series called “Painters response to the crisis”.



Hanno Rink studied painting and architecture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich with Xaver Fuhr, Paolo Nestler and K.F. Dahmen (1965-1971). Afterwards Assistant of Professor K.F. Dahmen, as well as Junior Professor for design, painting and graphics (1971-73).


Award as illustrator: Premio Grafico di Bologna, for the best educational book in the Book Fair of Bologna (1979);


Art Directors Club Award


Gold medal for the magazine illustration of the year (1973)


First price in Sculpture competition “Die Gründer des Unternehmens Mercedes, Karl Daimler and Karl Benz” (1971)


Book author, painter and illustrator. Co-author and paintings of the book "Himmelszeit und Schneckenhaus", together with Rita Mühlbauer (1979); it shows living phantasies and real houses worldwide, architecture without architects


Founder and Art director of the design team Team 86, Munich (1992 to 1998). Inter alia Art on construction for cities and municipalities, e.g. the democracy fountain.


Editor and designer in the heyday of the Titanic magazine (1982 -84) and illustrator for Tumult (until 2004).


In the book industry, he is an internationally renowned designer and illustrator of book-covers for most of the publishers with German language. He is also designer and co-editor of “Otto books” (a million book editions).


Exhibitions on Realistic and factual painting e.g. in Munich, Berlin, Bremen, Rosenheim, Bad Nauheim, Bologna, London, Frankfurt am Main and Kronberg im Taunus Baden (Switzerland).


Sold in private and corporate collections in Paris, Lyon, Lausanne, Stockholm, Klosters, London, Rosenheim, Munich, Bremen, Frankfurt, and Berlin.


Paintings and promotion design for companies like SAP in London; software for measuring technology B & S Munich; the construction company BoB Berlin. Digital illustrations for consulting company 4Sing GmbH, Foresight to Strategy for Security and Sustainability in Governance, Hamburg.



“The first AI picture”, 2019 Lecture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. The Munich art scene and cultural scene 1968. On '68er - Die '68er Revolte an der Münchner Kunstakademie.