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Harmke, born in 1980 in the Netherlands, as a dreamy child of a Dutch photographer Father and a Chinese — Jewish mother.

She graduated from the University of Arts in Utrecht at 2006 and completed the Master of Arts in Amsterdam at 2018. HD. CHANG exposed very early in her career, her self-made animation/installation called BEELDBOX to the Central Museum in Utrecht.

Interested and focusing on inventing strange out of this world images, she developed five different mega, abstract sculptures for the public space. In 2020 two new large-scale projects will be placed in the Netherlands.


Working together with a group of international artists called ‘NoEsUnaGallery’ her art has been exposed in Mexico City and in Amsterdam. With this group she also collaborated on an exposition in the Cobra Museum in Amstelveen (2019 – 2020).

In the present HD.CHANG creates artwork in a fearless action process.

Surrounded with other self-made art studio's you can find her in her own atelier in an industrial harbor in Utrecht. Where she combines her tangible, plasticity way of creating to generate more attention for the enigma of female sexual pleasure, desires and dreams. While she plays with manual production and digital reproduction, she uses and abuses her paintings and drawings into digital art, installations and short films.

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